The Tours

Manhattan is in its second Golden Age. Absorb this urban Renaissance through a lively cultural education.

Both interior museum tours and exterior walking tours educate and expand. Participants quickly advance from merely looking …to seeing. Every Tour delivers enhanced comprehension, inspired by this unique method of seeing.  As you re-examine New York’s origins and historical locations on an epic scale, the city’s art, sculpture and architecture become animated personalities.

Every Tour immerses you in the visually inclusive history of ethnic, gender, generational and economic histories.

  • Walk through paths of Seneca Village- PreCentral Park Harlem
  • Meet “The Alrightnicks” of the ’30s & ’40s
  • Discover the LGBT community, 150 years before Stonewall
  • More

For a limited time, individual Tour tickets are $45 for each participant.

LookAndSeeNY expands the installation experience beyond galleries and museums. Tour participants gain the perspective of being inside the original artist’s head- from every time period and at locations throughout NYC and Brooklyn.

Ultimately, you’ll view your own life, associates and familiar environments with expanded inner-artist’s perception. All around us, the 21st Century is revisiting the 19th Century’s City Beautiful movement. Join the celebration.

Purchase all 4 Tours and receive one artist-enhanced Venaglia print

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