F.A.Q. – Before The Tour

  • How many people are in a tour? We limit our exterior tours to 10 people,.
  • Are the tours appropriate for kids? Kids are welcome on any tour but we especially recommend the Just for the Kids for age 5 to 12. Tailored to this group age, they will enjoy a wonderful discovery date with their parents. Up to 5 kids can join this tour, with their guardian. No minor is authorized on any tour without guardian. Up to 3 kids and their individual guardian can join on other tours.
  • Do you offer group tours? Scheduled tours are offered as a private tour for groups of 5 to 10 people at no extra charge (regular cost per person) at your preferred time, based on availability. Pick the tour you are interested in and contact us for availabilities.
  • I want something special. We offer Bespoke Tours starting at $ 90 per person ($ 350 minimum) for the destination of your choice. A great choice for proposing, anniversaries, or a corporate team outing.
  • Take your non-profit group on a Special LookAndSeeNY Tour as an innovative fund-raiser. Contact us for details.
  • Do I pay additional charges when I register? We don’t add transaction fees to our tour payment, the price is what you get charged for.
  • Persons Living With a Disability:  Is this tour good for us? We want to ensure a great experience for you and all participants, please contact us to discuss further how we can best accommodate your needs. Specific Tours centered around wheelchair accessibility have been conducted,  with great results.

More questions? … Contact us