Bespoke Experience

[ An unbelievable experience ]

© Venaglia 2012

When you desire something special, we offer The Bespoke Tour:

a great choice for proposing, anniversaries, or a corporate team outing. It will be your tour and your tour only – you decide the time, length and content.

Contact us to build a unique moment; we’ll collaborate with you to define the best experience for your occasion.

We can make it all inclusive (adding cost of museum, transportation) so you don’t have to worry about anything on the day of your event. You want to gather a group of friends and not have to handle cash collection? We can do that for you.

Not sure what special touch you want to add?

… Consider having this special time captured by our in-house, accredited photo- journalists. The images can further be assembled into an artist crafted, published book that is hardbound.

… Add an art-making element to your experience, always a blast for child and adult alike.

Starting at $ 90 per person ($ 350 minimum) for the destination of your choice, your Bespoke Tour is priced based on length, content, and number of people.

[ no dream is crazy to us, we make them all come true ]

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