Gay & Lesbian Art : Hidden in Plain Sight

| Cost: $150 Per Participant | Limit: 6 | Duration: 2.5 hours |


Rosa Ronheur,  Sargent & Madame X,  Arcadia,  Art Lovers

{SameSex SuperHeroes of The 19th Century}

In celebration of Same Sex marriages generating an extra $259 million for one year of NYC’s income, we visit The Met. The American Wing / European Collection provide proof of LGBT activity one century before Stonewall erupted.

  • Gay couple, sailing on The Titanic, that acquiesced their lifeboat seats
  • The Boston Marriages depicted and Rosa Bonhuer’s colossal triumph
  • The 19th Century outing of Thomas Eakins
  • The bachelor artist who gave us Madame X: powerhouse depiction of The Independent Woman
  • Transgenderism: New York’s Lord Cornbury, 1701-1708

As the entire nation flocks to the renovated American Wing, you can view glorious examples of 19th century ‘mo activity that are hidden in plain site.

The freedom enjoyed by an unprecedented amount of Americans appears between the brushstrokes, supported by The Erie Canal and subsequent manufacturing boom. New York history/herstory are forever intertwined with 19th century bohemian citizens- the rugged and vivacious people we would now classify as lesbian or gay.

Your Met Museum admission is included in the Per Participant price.

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