Just For The Kids

|$150 per participant | Limit: 10 | Duration: 1.5 hours |

On Sundays during the summer, the tour is for the kids. Not the kids at heart, we all are, but for the kids age 5 to 12; let the play date become a discovery date. With their guardian, they enjoy the same subject as the adult tours but catered to their eye, adapted to their view point.
The discovery dates are offered on Sundays with a rotating subject.

  • 1 pm is for age 5 to 8 year plus their guardian
  • 3:00 pm is for age 9 to 12 plus their guardian

Would you have children spanning the two age groups, please contact us. Note that for all tours we require at least one guardian per child.

[ Mark was the Education Director for The Children’s Museum of LA ]