Met Museum & The Central Park : Epic Love

| Price quoted for each Tour: (917)995-7223 | Limit: 6 | Duration: 2.5 hours


Welcome to the Met museum

Organic, Mysterious, Spectacular The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Your Tour encompasses invisible gems in Central Park surrounding the Met, then explores over 150 years of architectural cannibalization. Hear how the country’s most encyclopedic cultural institution engaged in a spectacular land-grab, amassed a collection of art too currently stratospheric to appraise and enrich your life. Pretention-free. Mark’s exuberant irreverence and work-artist passion must be experienced in person to believe.

Option: To specifically engage your smartphone.

Utilize your flash-free smartphone in a unique manner; creating a new app that will significantly enhance your art comprehension for the entire museum. Sharing your screen = karmic upgrade for you.

If you’ve been to The Met fifty times prior / If you are a Met Virgin, this Tour shows you glorious, hidden cultural phenomena you would never find on your own.


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