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9 responses to “Testimonies

  1. I took a wonderful guided tour of The Met with Mark last Saturday. His informative, colorful and passionate presentation style brought the artwork and the artists alive for me. I found the tour to be inspiring and very entertaining. Hope to catch another one with him very soon!

  2. My husband and I took the tour of the newly opened American Wing last Friday night w/ artist, Mark Venaglia. As avid museum-goers, we were thrilled to see not only the art, but the museum in a unique way that opened our minds to viewing art cinematically. Mark is a natural teacher and the goup coalesced around his inviting and passionate personality. We highly recommend this tour.

  3. “I treated my very art-literate mother to one of Mark Venaglia’s Metropolitan Museum tours for Mother’s day. I couldn’t have asked for a more satisfying experience! The tour was small enough to feel like it was made just for us.

    While the… content and overall experience was terrific, what made the tour truly great was Mark himself, and his expertise! Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about the subject of the tour, about art/art history in general, and the museum, but he has a unique ability to customize the experience to the sensibilities and interests of the individuals taking the tour.

    He starts by asking participants why they have chosen the tour at hand, and then really listens to each person’s response so that he can use what he learns to guide the tour to its participants’ preferences. He seamlessly incorporates off-subject pieces of artwork, bits of information about the museum and its architecture, and commentary about the culture and politics relevant to the art at hand. Mark is also fun, energetic and personable. I never felt that I or anyone else was being talked down to on the tour, and that Mark was truly enjoying educating us and soliciting our feedback and commentary.

    I learned a great deal, not just about the tour’s subject matter but other unexpected and interesting things as above. And, my mother, who’s not easily impressed, had a great time. I highly recommend any Tour with Mark Venaglia. I know it’s an experience I’m not likely to forget!”

  4. ”Mark was an awesome guide. As someone who wasn’t that big on art before, I had a great time learning and listening to Mark. He related the art in the Met back to history and told the hidden story behind much of the artwork. I’ve since learned art predating the 20th century really tells a story and has great meaning. Mark was really passionate and a great guide. I will definitely be going back soon since the Met is too large to do in one sitting. I would recommend this tour to anyone semi-interested in art or history.”

  5. ”Mark is a knowledgable, fun, and engaging guide. He really tailored the tour to fit our interests, taught us new things about the museum, and pointed out things only a true expert would know. This tour is great for anyone interested in art. Mark’s passion and genuine love of art and it’s history was contagious. I look forward to going on another tour with Mark in the future.”

  6. No matter how many times you’ve been to the Met, what Mark shares about the artwork here will uplift and inspire you and make you experience it as you never have before.

  7. Mark’s tour of the Met was incredible. I am a long time, frequent Met visitor. Mark was able to open my eyes lead me to experience, in a very new and insightful way, works that I had seen in the Met for years. He sense of joy and love for art was apparent from the moment we started, and was absolutely infectious. Anyone who experiences a tour guided by Mark will not be disappointed!

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