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“Mark Venaglia is the Premiere Renaissance of The Green Movement.” -AT&T

Mark Venaglia is an accomplished mid-career artist, currently at home in Manhattan.  In the spirit of his Italian immigrant Washington Square Park ancestors, this is an artist who loves people. Mark has facilitated over 250 personalized tours on both coasts. He has served as Education Director for The Children’s Museum of LA for 10 years,  Gallery Educator and Art-Making Coordinator at The J. Paul Getty Museum Center and provided art workshops for corporate partners MorganStanleySmithBarney, Whole Foods and AT&T. Respectful of your valuable time,  Mark is an exuberant alternative to listless dilettantes and hobby artists. Every Pretension-Free Tour is led by an active professional; current with today’s trends, passions and cultural illusions.

Inspired by a long-forgotten NY art school motto: “Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the Art,” Mark ignites the artist alive within each and every one. Interaction with the rest of humanity empowers his specific genre of art and is essential to his process- a process every participant experiences directly. Supported by NEA grants, as Artist-in-Residence to The LA Gay & Lesbian Cultural Center, Mark pioneered programming which integrated the LGBT community into the total population. Currently: Artist-in-Residence for The Multiple Sclerosis Center.

In addition to a very refreshing sense of humor, few in Manhattan equal Mark’s impeccable eye.  The artist avoids overwhelming with memorized facts so the magic of every work of art may unfold organically and profoundly. Now in his third decade of exhibiting, creating site-specific art and conducting art-wellness workshops~ Mark is a vibrant communicator. He also personalizes your experiences of exterior art, architecture and entire neighborhood textures. The artist attended Carnegie-Mellon University following Andy Warhol and slightly concurrent with John Currin.


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